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Like so many other traditions we repeat almost always without thinking, Valentine’s Day has its own story, very curious and quite odd. Long story shorts, it’s enough to say that in 1382 the English writer Geoffrey Chaucer wrote a poem named “The Parliament of Fowls” in which Valentine’s Day is mentioned for the first time as a festivity for lovers.
On this day, couples exchanged Valentine’s cards (also named “Valentinas”) with phrases or love poems. From then, the traditions evolved to what we now know as Valentine Day.
And then there are our bracelets that also have a story of it’s own. It’s perhaps the most loyal gift that stays true to the origin of the tradition of Valentine’s Day, being that our bracelets go with a card that includes a love message, similar to the classic Valentine’s card that lovers sent each other more than six centuries ago. It’s a thoughtful detail that can’t be forgotten nowadays.
This year you can brag about an authentic Valentine’s gift with our love bracelets and their personalized love cards.
Here we offer a variety of bracelets that will suit anyone’s style. It’s the perfect gift for this romantic occasion.

San Valentín pulsera negra azul
San Valentín
San Valentín Eres el Mejor
San Valentín grupo pulseras
San Valentín
San Valentín Llavero
San Valentín pulsera naranja
San Valentín
San Valentín pack
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