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When picking out an outfit, we’ve always been told that colors must be matched following some basic  rules… complementary colors and things of that nature. This works, of course, but the result will always be something obvious.

Creativity means taking one step forward and distinguishing yourself can sometimes be a hard mental excercise in which rules can and must, be avoided.

The ability to be creative and to take something to the next step can often be a difficult task. It requires going against the norms and breaking the rules, in order to produce something different.

Color combinations such as orange/red;  black /navy blue or silver /gold are unique styles that almost always make a statement.  We are often taken a back by these off the market looks that we are not accustomed to seeing. It’s surprising how beautiful being different could be.

Don’t follow the crowd; be daring and make your own unique combination!

Tocado Negro Azul Marino
Negro Azul Marino
Fajín Rojo Naranja
Rojo y naranja
Peineta Oro Plata
Zapatos Trussardi 2017 Oro Plata
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